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A brand’s success relies on the people who make her. Joining #balladinsFamily means making a contribution to this success while being fully considered and supported in your daily activities.

Our vision
of Hospitality

We believe Hospitality is before all a passion at the service of others. Therefore while optimizing technology and marketing for our hotels, we strive to recreate human contact. This is the daily vision we share with our hotels. Hospitality « by balladins », is the guarantee of a smile, an authenticity, an all-time sharing and overall, a quality stay for a fair price.


balladins founding values

We consider hospitality a passion at the service of others. Therefore while we optimize technology and distribution of our hotels, we strive to rethink human contact. This is the daily vision we share with our hotels.


Working as a whole is our priority. Every day we strive together with our hotels and staff to provide our customers with quality and comfort.


We believe in everyone’s strength and ideas. Hence balladins shall never become a standardized brand and every link in our chain will be different, allowing every single hotel to develop their own identity.


A satisfied customer of one balladins hotel is a satisfied customer of the whole balladins group. Our loyalty program federates customers, but also staff and hotels through internal motivation challenges.

Customer service

Staying in a balladins corporation hotel must before all remain a human experience. Hence we do care about customer service, as early as the booking step. We want our customers to feel supported before, during and after their stay.


Make daily life easy for all: from the booking step by the customer, to the support provided to our hotels not forgetting staff training, balladins ambitions to rhyme quality with efficiency.

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Why join #balladinsFamily?

A brand’s success relies on the people who make her. Each member of our family, whether staff, hotelier, but also customer makes a contribution to the success and have his say in writing the balladins story. Since the brand’s takeover in June 2018 by two company staff, David Morel & Fabrice Beyer, it’s more than ever a human adventure lived with optimism and dynamism. Together we are successful, and move forward.

The balladins network, backed by more than 30 years of experience serving its customers, has built upon its own expertise as a hotel brand on a human scale. balladins has become inevitable within the budget Hospitality industry in France. Be part of your brand’s success and be proud of representing it. Many opportunities to exchange between hotels and the head office are scheduled all over the year so as to move forward thanks to fruitful discussions.


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  • 11 March 2019

A chaque hôtel balladins, son activité à proximité !

Ne perdez plus de temps à chercher une attraction autour de vos hôtels balladins préférés !

Pour préparer au mieux votre séjour, la #Teamballadins vous a listé 3 activités ou lieux à faire, à visiter, tout près de nos établissements : 

  • 25 February 2019

Une nuit dans un hôtel balladins !

Passer une nuit dans un hôtel balladins, c’est s’assurer d’être aisément installé dans un lit douillet, avec un matelas confortable et des oreillers moelleux ! Mais ce n’est pas tout ! Nos hôteliers vous proposent :

  • 28 January 2019

ROI représentera la France à l’Eurovision 2019 !

C’est donc Bilal Hassani qui représentera la France à l’Eurovision cette année ! Grand favori du public français, mais un peu moins des jurés internationaux, Bilal enfilera donc sa couronne pour Tel Aviv où se déroulera la grande finale de l’Eurovision en Mai prochain.