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We envision a collaboration of the most noble of ways based on trust and enrichment. This constant and daily accompaniment allow us to optimize the operations and insure a quick profitability and optimal management.

balladins, une aventure humaine

Joining balladins means being part of a big family, the #balladinsFamily, and being the partner of a common enterprise to which everybody can contribute. Being part of this project is a real assignment as a future hotelier.

  • Being an ambassador for the balladins group
  • Promote hospitality and helpfulness
  • Care about details and stay beyond reproach
  • Anticipate customers’ expectations
  • Contribute to a trustful relation between customers and staff

Our philosophy

Les valeurs de notre groupe
Quality is our priority; this is a value we gather around. She is our guarantee to federate our clients and staff, because the real wealth of balladins lies in its members. Furthermore, because proximity and support to your project are vital to success, a team of professionals supports you on a daily basis to optimize your hotel’s quality and professionalism, not forgetting its profitability.

Become a sponsor of #balladinsFamily

A beneficial move for the network and for you! 50% of the fee paid by people you sponsor will be redistributed back to you.

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Whatever your profile is, we make sure to provide you with a tailored offer and a constant accompaniment that guarantee success and a quick return on your investment.



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