The group

So-Hô !

The result of collaboration

Created in 2018 by David Morel & Fabrice Beyer, So-Hô ! is a simplified stock company with a capital of 199 500€. Both balladins employees since 2011, it seemed legitimate to the two cofounders to take up their position in the brand’s takeover so as to ensure sustainability, continuity and renewal.

Backed by private French funds, the pair ambitions to further develop the brand on the current Hospitality market.

The balladins Group

The balladins Group was taken over in June 2018 by two balladins staff, David Morel & Fabrice Beyer, and mainly positions itself on 2 or 3 star hotel market, in France and Belgium. balladins is a human-size hotel group, for which the customer is the priority. Standing today with a 30 year experience serving its customers and about 50 hotels, the balladins network is an inevitable player on the Hospitality market.

Member of well-known organizations


Groupement National des Chaînes Hôtelières (Hotel chains national group), created in 1989, is an employers’ organization regrouping almost all French hotel chains and foreign chains located in France.


ETOA – Association des Tours Opérateurs & Acteurs du Tourisme en Europe (ETOA – European Tour Operators and Tourism Players Association).

Atout France – France tourism development agency. Contributes to the influence of the tourism industry, fourth private employer in French economy.