Definition: Agreement by which a brand owner grants a third party the full or partial right to use his brand for free or in return of fees or royalties (Source : Observatoire de la Franchise).

Trademark requirements

  • At least 2 star service
  • Hotels with fewer than 40 rooms
  • Hotels in accordance with balladins standards
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Buffet breakfast

Trademark benefits

Keep your identity

Keep your name to which we simply add ‘by balladins’ as a signature.

Make the most of a strong internet visibility

You are referenced on our website balladins.com and build upon an optimal SEO strategy.

Be recognized

By joining a well-known country-wide brand.

Federate your clients

With our program FidMe, as simple as attractive!

Leave aside standard service

By trusting daily tailor-made support.

Boost your sales

Thanks to our channel manager and its many connected marketing channels.

Attract more targets

Thanks to our Central Booking: Business, Leisure, Individuals or Groups, sport teams…

No risk

With a 2 year trademark agreement, prepare your renewal serenely and pressure-free.

Be visible

With our national all media communication and our marketing operations. You are referenced in our 40 000 copies annual guide.

Optimize your activities

With our ‘à la carte’ service catalogue including all kind of activities.

Kick start!

With our welcome communication package: 500 business cards, 500 leaflets, 1 ‘by balladins’ exterior signboard.

Don’t lose any money

Make some! With a very reasonable fee.

Make the most of a strong network

With access to our internal network ‘balladins network’ and our list of referenced suppliers, no obligation.

An evolving autonomous package

The entry package, aka ‘Standard’, includes :

To this package can be added some ‘à la carte’ service, such as :

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